The HalloQueen Collection Bundle

The HalloQueen Collection Bundle

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* My Premium Press-On Nails are made custom to order! Please fill out the Base Color Change & Special Requests form if you would like to make any changes to your set. *


FOR COLLECTION BUNDLES: Whichever length, size & shape you choose will apply to all 3 sets of nails. If you'd like to change the color or design of any of the sets, please refer to them as SET 1, SET 2 & SET 3 (in order from top to bottm) in the BASE COLOR CHANGE & SPECIAL REQUESTS box. 


♡ Sets are handmade with love in California 🏝

♡ Each order includes 10 custom press on nails, 1 alcohol wipe, 1 nail file, 1 wooden cuticle pusher, 1 tube of nail glue, 1 orange buffer block & 1 set of glue tabs for reusable wear (You can purchase more sets of glue tabs on the "Sizing" page.)

♡ Press On Sets may last 1-2 weeks with proper application and care. 

♡ DM a photo of your set to @SlayedByAmya on IG for a feature in the "Reviews" highlight. 

♡POST your nails on your IG story with a review for a 15% coupon of your entire next purchase!



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